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By Adalden

Quick Intro

Capture the flag in a top down MMO-style shooter! First to 3 points wins the match!


This is an online multiplayer 'capture the flag' game. People join games, capture the flag, and avoid getting shot! First to 3 points wins, or, if after 15 minutes there's a tie, the number of kills is the tie breaker.

Judging Instructions

This only works in Google Chrome. Other browsers may not offer the full functionality this game requires. Requires 2 or more active connections to function. It is advised to use a computer with a dedicated graphics card to achieve the best frame rates.

If no one else is playing, open up a second tab. Make sure you've got the tabs side by side though as you need active connections for socket.io to work right.

What they Used

On the client side, we used jQuery, Underscore, Howler.js and Pixi.js. On the server side, we ran express, stylus, socket.io and underscore on top of NodeJS. We made the map with http://rpg-map-editor.aws.af.cm/#/.


Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5YeoYFFn6o&list=PLD16BD924E3FFC820 (HDSounDI)

Artwork: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/RHCP/Spartan117/top-down_kit.png (rambofox)



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  • judge

    Super love capture the flag. I love that this multiplayer and very interactive. Great music too. Good job!

  • judge


  • judge

    Enclave Games

    Works great and is a lot of fun when you play with more people at the same time.

  • The music is epic! Fast paced. Not complete, but still very fun! Impressive for 48 hours, including in-game chat. I was going crazy on my keyboard in close-range combat and things were quite responsive.

  • contestant


  • contestant


    Great capture the flag, top down implementation. Controls and aiming have to be extremely tight for this kind of game. There were points where hitting a stationary target felt frustrating.

  • judge

    Had a blast playing it. Feels very much like something from the late 90s, except multiplayer and in my browser.

  • judge

    Great fun! Needs more work obviously but very impressive for 48 hours. Could feel the lag from my side of the world, but that's a difficult problem in any case. Good job.

  • judge

    Kun.io App Studio LLC

    Solid start. Like the music. WANT BIGGER GUNS.

  • judge


    Total blast - loved it.

  • contestant


  • judge

    Solid CTF implementation. Fun to play. Had a great time. Only thing I'd change is always spawning back in the base makes camping easy.

    • numso

      I definitely agree! We realized that once we started playing the game a lot more but by then, coding was over.

      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!!

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Well done although I would love if you could aim with your mouse which makes this way better. Else it's a nice game.

  • judge


    Kudos for putting together a MMO in two days.

  • judge


    Very fun. I enjoyed it.

  • contestant
  • judge


    I loved the game, so much fun!

  • judge


    Great execution for a quick game. The controls are a little bit unintuitive but it generally works.

    • In a close quarter game we felt the controls had to be more loose to make it harder to kill people while they are carrying the flag. It was a design decision and we realized not everyone would like it. We, however, feel it added a little more difficulty to the game and increased the fun!

      Thanks for the kind words! ~Adalden

  • contestant


    Kind'a slow but very playable - classic idea in the browser - nice ;]

  • contestant

    I opened this in two tabs to test it out. I couldn't actually show the other player, though. Bullets went right through them.

    • richiepreece

      Unfortunately, chrome queues the WebSocket messages unless it's in the foreground. That's what we mean may 'Active Conections'. Try opening 2 tabs side by side and see if it's better.

  • contestant

    Industrial Web Apps

    Great job guys. I'm impressed.

  • judge


    I've always been a fan of these sort of games, so I liked this entry a lot. The controls weren't super tight, which I actually prefer, though competitive players may not be a fan. With a bit of polish on the graphics (something that's totally understandable not to have in this sort of event), I could see this being a popular game.

  • contestant

    super cool entry! the game is a little bit slow sometimes for me here in europe, but I found it very fun. well done guys :)


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