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By Accoplex

Quick Intro

Polyplay is a playlist for track from multiple sources.



For a lot if people listening to music is important. Although the web is the best platform for this approach, it can be quite hard since tracks are spread access multiple platforms. One way to handle this is downloading all of them but that's not how the web works.


Polyplay solves this problem by providing a way to create a playlist which contains all your favorite music from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Its player has all major functions like skipping, looping, setting the volume and much more. This playlist can be saved in the browser or under a URL to share with friends and later use.


  • Import tracks from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundClound
  • Play/Pause
  • Skip to the next or last track
  • Skip to a desired position
  • Activate loop with or without randomization
  • Adjust the volume
  • Delete a track from the playlist
  • Play a track by clicking on its thumbnail
  • Save playlist locally in your browser
  • Sign in using Facebook, Twitter or Google
  • If signed in, save playlist under a public url
Judging Instructions

On the startpage use "Try it out" to create a playlist which is saved in your browser. The players from Vimeo and YouTube require an activated flash plugin, so please make sure you have one. And it obviously doesn't work on mobile devices. It's best viewed on a desktop Chrome and you must have no blocker installed which prohibits access to YouTube, SoundCloud or Vimeo.

What they Used


  • Database: juggling-db, juggling-mongodb
  • Authentication: passport, passport-twitter, passport-facebook, passport-google
  • Templating: jade
  • Server: locomotive, express


Tools and other

  • grunt: watch, less, uglify
  • APIs: YouTube, Vimeo
  • MongoDB on MongoLab
  • noisetexturegenerator.com
  • GoSquared


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Other Votes

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  • judge

    Love the website layout and use of the app. I could see this being really helpful for a lot of people. Great job!

  • contestant

    Nice work!

  • judge

    I definitely can see the utility in this. Nice work.

  • contestant


    hey! very cool! however ui needs some improvements I like it!

    my entry is also about music streams, so you can check it out - http://kosmetika.2013.nodeknockout.com/ :)

  • judge


    great work!

  • contestant


    Cool idea and worked well for me! Good job making it work with multiple music providers. It would be nice too if it saved the playlist automatically after you added a track.

  • contestant


  • contestant


    Nice stuff guys. Would love a touch more design polish, but seems totally useful!

  • contestant


    This would be great if it supported real social connectivity - not only copy/paste links and also spotify & deezer ;]

    • Acconut

      I had Spotify and Deezer on my list. But since they only support short versions for not-paying visitors they had less priority and I had no time. :D Maybe next year.

  • judge
    • use of localstorage is nice
    • polish: make the url input focused when the user clicks the add button, for easier copy-pasting
    • audio occassionally keeps playing when user hits 'pause' or changes songs.
    • some strange bouncing around of the position indicator: a math bug?
    • does the volume slider work?
    • Acconut

      Thanks for your ideas. The volume slider should work. If had some problems with the YouTube player, which could cause some bugs. Their API is horrible.

  • judge
  • contestant


    Loved it! Worked perfectly trying out a couple of tracks.

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Hi there! This seems like it could be really useful. Being able to search across your supported platforms from your site would be a huge usability win. As it stands, having to switch between multiple sites to copy in URLs is a loss that nearly outweighs the benefit of an aggregated playlist!


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