Teams (385)

  • banana.split(s)/Oakland, CA, Mountain View CA

    Mashup of Billboard, Rdio, Embedly, Bing, and Echonest, Youtube to provided the Billboard Hot 100 with related news and video.
  • Cornerstone Systems Northwest/Bellingham, WA, Richmond, VA

    Rapid Application Development for the Modern Web
  • Toptal/Buenos Aires, Argentina, Córdoba Argentina

  • Openly/Bangalore

    Superfast, real-time page caching with push control. noDelay puts your application in control of its content. The cache reload is defined by the application not by the TTL.
  • Black Hole/Bangalore

  • Winning/New York City

    Quick Voting System using Go Instant
  • TeamSBK/Philippines, Manila, Pasig City, Philippines

  • zenbroders/San Francisco

    bout is about keeping in touch... ...through friendly competition.
  • Honeybadgers/Chicago

  • Team Epic π/Seattle, WA

  • Insignia's team/San Miguel de Tucumán

    Rebil me is as simple form to paste your gists and let other users veview your gist and vote the best solutions!
  • Polar Badlands/Tampa, FL

    A text-based RPG game played through Twitter. Complete with a front-facing web interface where you can review your log, and other helpful information.
  • NodeThX/Athens, Greece

    Check and share connectivity for the most popular web services
  • Egon Machine/Tecumseh, Michigan

  • Googlyify

    Googly eyes as a service. Put in a GIF, use the interactive googly eye editor, then save it as a new, more fanciful GIF. ***** BUG: I wish I could put a banner on the Editor page that says CLICK SAVE BEFORE RENDER.
  • g3zi/NY / NJ

  • Scheduler/Roseville

    Simple event scheduler that utilizes Twitter to manage and communicate with attendees
  • The Nic Cages /Halifax, NS

    Geo-Messenger allows you to easily send instant messages to other nearby users. Only users within 5 kilometers of you will receive your messages.
  • Bazinga!/Lisbon, Portugal

    Run vmstat, iostat, <any>stat remotely and chart it on your browser.
  • zuro/Pune / Jaipur, Mumbai

    A Blackjack server (incomplete)
  • TouchDay/Taipei

    TouchCat is a Google Chrome extension and it combines with our NodeJS server. You can feed a cute cat in your Chrome browser. When you are working , reading magazines , or chatting with your friends, she will always be with you. Sound sweet, right?
  • mw

    Getting involved with open source can be daunting to begin with. Trying to find the right project can be a challenge. This app provides a curated list of issues ideal for beginners, or you can submit your project if you think it would be ideal for beginners
  • this lambda life/Seattle

    A Geo aware hacker meetup tool.
  • Zeronone/Seoul, Korea

    • (1 invited)
  • Chalupa Batman/Columbia MO, Kansas City MO

    Nodezaic creates an image mosaic by using crowdsourced images. Every image that someone uploads, we add to our image repository, and use it in someone else's mosaic.
  • ssn

    A better way to manage the links you care about. Automatically indexes the links you care most about so they're easy to find later.
  • crash&&burn/Oakland, CA

    • (2 invited)
  • red hot pink daisy sniffers/San Francisco

    • (1 invited)
  • little bobby drop tables;/Seattle, WA

    Our project hopes to bring a social slideshow to the public. With future implementations planned, we currently want to focus on allowing users to upload photos and have their photos or memes cycling through a projector screen at a party or event.
  • SalesRocks/Palo Alto, CA, United States

  • DreamLeaves/Paris, FR

    A project that evolved into a framework that itself evolved into a realization that APIs are great but they need a frontend and UX.
  • GunderJSON/Bellevue, WA

  • Team Fried Chicken/San Francisco

    Game inspired images fetched from reddit!
  • Team M/Philippines, Legazpi City, Philippines, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

  • Not Just Another Team/Seattle

    • (1 invited)
  • Probably Wrong/Near Lake Tahoe, CA, Reno, NV

    Turn your Rdio playlists into something more. With your Rdio playlists become easier to share and collect. Log in with your Rdio account to start creating tapes and filling your case.
  • Chlebta/Tunisia

  • Pretty Good Starts/Irvine, California, So Cal

    Sick of letting the big companies track you and keep your data? We set out to build a site that people can clone and run for themselves that will let them track themselves, keep their own data, and do what they want with it.
  • El Dorado/Bogotá, Colombia, Colombia

    Disposable voice room, sometimes stuff like hangouts/skype/etc are an overkill when you just need to talk with someone else, Grŵp is a super simple to use group voice chat, just share and use.
  • Pretty Great/Seattle

    • (2 invited)
  • carnot/San Francisco is Gravatar for company logos. Gravatar : md5(email) :: : domain.
  • meltmedia/Tempe, AZ

    gitdo is a task management app that works with to do items written in the code of a GitHub repository
  • BaconLandia Labs/New Jersey

  • TopNoders/Bangalore

    Quizzer is a realtime websocket based interactive Game where you can organize quizzes.


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