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Zombies At My Conference

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Quick Intro

What happens when the zombie apocalypse begins at a conference? Watch the fight between real humans and zombies, and influence the action. Deploy free beer to attract humans and play dubstep to attract zombies (they love it).


You can search for a conference to watch (sourced from lanyrd) or join an already running simulation. Real attendee information is used to create the humans (and their images), then the simulation begins.

All viewers watching the same conference are seeing the same simulation play out and can influence the movement of the humans and zombies.

You can add, and move around free beer markers to attract humans, or drop dubstep players to attract zombies (all zombies LOVE dubstep). Zombies will of course infect humans and things will go from bad to worse. Free beer and dubstep only lasts so long so be prepared to deploy more.

The simulation is all calculated on the server using natural simulation techniques and the movements are broadcast using socket.io to all viewer browsers keeping them all synchronised. Images are pre-processed on the server to give them that zombie look.

Judging Instructions

Select (or search for) a conference to view from the home page links. If you choose one that's "running now" you will join other players in the simulation.

Once you are viewing a simulation you can click the "attract humans with free beer" button (top left of screen) to deploy a free beer marker. Humans are attracted to free beer and the marker can be dragged to influence their direction. The "attract zombies with dubstep" button works likewise for zombies. You can deploy more than one marker to influence the motion in a more sophisticated fashion. If you are watching a simulation with other people you can takes sides, one player trying to help the humans, the other the zombies. Or, if you like, just sit back and enjoy the show: watching your friends become zombies.

The map can be zoomed and dragged as you see fit. Once all humans have become zombies, you can return to the home page to try a difference conference.

We have tested on chrome and firefox, but sadly not on a mac (neither of us have one!), so please try another browser if you have problems.

The movement is smoother than the pitch video shows, the laptop we recorded the demo on was struggling a bit.

What they Used

font-awesome for icons. foundation zurb for some styling. lanyrd api courtesy of lanyrd npm module. graphics magick and gm module for image processing. vector2d-lib for vector maths. proj4 for coordinate system transformations. perlin-noise for smoother random motion. Craig Reynold's steering algorithm for movement (http://www.red3d.com/cwr/).



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  • judge

    Bringing together zombies and conferences is an awesome idea :) That said, actually playing the game wasn't as much fun as I had hoped. With the only two abilities to control the outcome being randomly positioned makes it pretty much a simulation rather than a game.

  • judge


    Seems fun in a developer kind of way, but not so useful, even to keep the conference attendees entertained. Think about ways that a conference organizer could get value from this. Or, assuming we are a playing together, that we are learning something about each other when we interact.

  • contestant

    UC Berkeley

  • contestant

    Focus the Web

    Crazy stuff guys! :) I wanted to put only one star to utility but five to fun, result: three. I love your innovative design, all these minimal themes are boring! You rock!

  • contestant

    Web Developer at Peapod Studios

    Neat game with a nice indie look and feel. The integration of real world data is cool. However, I can't see this having lasting appeal. Nonetheless, it's a great experiment and impressive work.

  • judge


    Utility/Fun: The novelty wore off a soon as I got everyone infected. Perhaps if there were more game-like qualities to this, such as points, high scores, etc.

    Design: The avatars were really tiny and difficult to follow. They were also really jumpy when beer or dubstep was down, but moved very smoothly otherwise. I wasn't certain why I needed the list of "attendees" on the side either.

    Innovation: As far as zombie-infection games go, this isn't really anything new, but I'm giving 3 stars because I think there's a lot of room for taking this to another level by allowing actual attendees to claim their account and force-move themselves to locations and make the players/zombies stick to streets on the map instead of walking straight through properties and buildings.

    Completeness: I wasn't able to create a new conference, so it seemed a bit incomplete. Also, some of the above suggestions would make it feel a bit more finished.

  • contestant


    scary fun!! :-)

  • contestant

    I like the idea behind this, but in my opinion the execution is a little sloppy, I'm afraid.

    I found that the crowds tend to get stuck in local maxima when there are more than 2 of either type of node, and it's really not obvious what is happening at times. The player/zombie nodes definitely need some smoothing applying, they kinda look like they're vibrating.

    The UI is usable, but without things like a menu, leaderboard, or even a clear game goal, it's difficult to really get behind the project. With some more work this could have been a pretty amusing conference partner application :)

  • judge


    I am sure for those who are at the conferences it would be fun. For me, sitting in an office not so fun.

    The design was interesting. The sound effects were cool but I wish I could have silenced them.

    I definitely haven't seen something like this in a while but have seen something like it before.

    It seems like the app was complete, again since I wasn't at a conference it is really hard to tell.

  • contestant

    Allen Industries

    Funny concept but once I got the two crowds separated they didn't seem to be any progression. Poor @izs and @substack, they were the first to go.

  • contestant


    This is an abstract-crazy idea - and I like it! :) It works well - if you'd tuned up the design and added more real-time like movement and/or custom teams I would probably spend much time playing it.


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