Surendranath Reddy

yo mates..!!!

u r readin the profile of Surendranath Reddy.. popularly known as "reddy" by his pals.. aso "surendar" by a few dear ones.. and "suresh" by a few relatives..

its said dat ther r 2 types of people on earth.. the first type r those who walk into a room & say.. "here am i.."

& the second.. "ah.. ther u r..!!"

things definitely lie in how people look at them..

reddy is definitely the second kind.. & here go some highlights of him..

●๋ reddy has no aim.. coz he doesnt want to limit himself with an achievable aim..

●๋ reddy is xtremely talkative.. noted for it since his childhood..

●๋ reddy doesnt think he is the best.. but he definitely thinks he is different from the rest..

●๋ reddy has lots of friends.. & loves to make more..

●๋ reddy is crazy about technology.. things hit his inbox much before rolling in the streets..

●๋ reddy hates studies.. especially wen it comes to study for scores.. proof lies in his under-grad score sheets..

●๋ reddy is crazy about food.. any cuisine.. any style.. but not very comfortable with sea food...

●๋ reddy loves to spend time with his computer.. but poor computer..!! cant cope up with his speed in spite of its all powerful hardware config..

●๋ reddy is confident.. nah.. over confident.. nah nah.. too over confident.. lost a lot coz of it.. but still he cares to do nothin about it.. coz thats what makes him "reddy"..

get in tuch.. to know more...

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