Jesse Victors

Logan, Utah

Check out my website at!

I am a computer programmer, a certified scuba diver, an archer, and a beekeeper. I've got excellent math skills, high standards, and I work hard at my assignments. I can communicate my ideas, I run my own website, and I like helping and improving the lives of others. My parents have taught me to put work before play, to be humble, and to think and plan far ahead. I enjoy clever and subtle humor.

I'm one of those people who knows how to take care of a computer and use it to its full potential. I eagerly participate in the highly productive Folding@home distributed computing project, which allows everyday people to accelerate disease research by running a simple program on their computer and doesn't require much effort on their part. With its extensive collection of computers and PlayStation 3s, Folding@home is currently the world's fastest computing system, even rivaling Japan's K supercomputer. I wrote nearly all of the Folding@home article on Wikipedia, which I recommend that you read. I founded and currently lead the "USU Aggies" team (#195965) and we have contributed a very significant amount of computing power and are ranked pretty high on the stats pages.

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