Mohammad Irshaid

I have spent the majority of my childhood tangled in wires and electric circuits trying to innovate something in the world of electronics. In 1999, when the world of internet took over my life, where I started forming forums and later then, I set up my first blog. During the years that followed, I participated in many online projects that later on were very well known.

In 2007, I was enrolled in university, and studied Management Information Systems (MIS), I chose this major because it mixed between technology ,management and marketing. In general; my essential goal was to gain as much of an experience as possible in several areas.

In 2011, I graduated and started a company named ‘Pixpirates’ which offered services in web design, and digital marketing, during the same time I was also working at a social media company full time, where I was a lead developer and SEO/SEM specialist.

Recently, during this year, I was offered a management position at a company named ‘Startappz’ where mobile applications were created for smart phones. My job is to create a marketing strategy and to implement it to increase the number of downloads for these apps.

I would like to conclude in saying that my biggest interest remains in technology and how its used to solve problems. I am also interested in social entrepreneurship, religions, cultures, travel and photography.

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