David Watkins

Just trying to leave the world a better place than when i found it. At this stage of my life, I am more interested in taking on difficult challenges that have a significant positive public impact. Though everyone likes attention/recognition and all that jazz, I've had enough of that and I am more interested in accomplishment. Besides, I can get all that stuff after I'm dead and it won't detract from what I'm doing now.

Other than the loss of my precious daughter-in-law Whitney (at age 32) in 2007, I have lived a remarkably blessed, happy and abundant life. I can't say that I understand or have gotten over the loss. We all loved her so much. She started dating Jason when she was in Jr. High, so she was like our daughter. But, all life is a growing process. Whit taught me a lot about how to live in the way she handled her death. I am humbled and grateful.

At this point in my life I really just want to do as much good for others as fast as I can before I die. I know that's a lot to ask, but . . .

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