Clain Udy

I'm a guy living in Centerville, UT who:

Loves his family

Likes to think, read... reflect

Is quite creative (in his own way)

Works as a Training Director, but wants to make movies

Has advanced degrees (in English Literature and Instructional Technology)

Loves to travel, and explore the world

Loves the mountains and outdoors: biking, rowing (sculling), snowboarding, going up to my cabin, ATVing, Snowmobiling.... The list goes on and on

Is quite "athletic"; at the age of 45 still competes in college track meets (as a sprinter - 100m and 200m); is consistently ranked among the top 5 sprinters (nationally, sometimes internationally) in his age group

Grew up in a farming/ranching town (in Idaho) with a population of 176 people... Part of me still identifies with former "me" (thus, the name of my production company: "Sons of the Soil Productions")

Lived in Japan and in Central America for a total of 3 years.

... to be continued....

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