Qasim Iqbal

The caliber of ambition I have for what I want to be a part of is staggering. Organizing the world’s information. Making it easier to access. It’s all like a dream to me, but a dream that so many people like me can see a reality to. And of course, a multi-billion dollar company is actually providing a means of making it real-life.

So many people ask me “Why Google?”. It might have just started from a simple documentary from the 6th grade, but it has turned into something much more, something I know I have to be a part of because the more hours I contribute to that one goal, the more I realize how rewarding the solution will be. Whether you’re the Queen of England or a young child in India, you should always have the power to tap into the world’s information at any given time, it should all be organized, and it should be easy to access.

Today’s world is open. Today’s world is free. Innovate. Find intuitive solutions. Be simple. Be real. Most importantly, don’t be evil.

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