• CTF Pro/Utah, Logan, Ut

    Capture the flag in a top down MMO-style shooter! First to 3 points wins the match!
  • Purrfect/Poland, Poznań, Poland, Poznan, Poland

    Purrfect is a real-time action-race game. Race other players to the top to win the prize for the best cat on the Internet.
  • SweetN.ES/San Francisco

    Play all of the old NES games you used to love with your friends online. Contra, Tetris, Bubble Bobble and more!
  • Imdex/Boston, MA

    Imdex is an OCR-Indexed image searching engine, making text within images searchable.
  • TouchCat/Taipei

    TouchCat is a Google Chrome extension and it combines with our NodeJS server. You can feed a cute cat in your Chrome browser. When you are working , reading magazines , or chatting with your friends, she will always be with you. Sound sweet, right?
  • Tweets on Tape/Washington DC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia

    Read your friends' tweets out loud and add a new personal dimension to Twitter.
  • rally/Canada, Ottawa

    Quickly and easily find convenient times and places for people to meet.
  • Open Comment Box - Open Source Realtime Comments Platform/Colombo, Sri Lanka, Negombo, Sri Lanka

    With Open Comment Box, you can power any website with comment. Just like disqus but we are OpenSource and you own the data at the end.
  • Mozart/Taoyuan, Taichung, Taipei, Taiwan

    Be a fantastic music conductor to control the tempo of music playing in your PC with your smart phone.
  • MacGifer/Montevideo, Uruguay

    Stream yourself over GIF (almost) in realtime
  • Fork 'n' Roll/Venice

    Fork 'n' roll is a multitrack recorder. You can share a song page URL with your friends and start to play together.
  • Node KO Analytics

    Real-time analytics dashboard for Node Knockout
  • Spacewar/Seattle, WA

    A 2D multiplayer space combat game - with physics!
  • Harp Hook/Phoenix, AZ

    Automatic Harp-based compiler for Github Pages.
  • Hackers vs Zombies/Colima

    Hackers vs Zombies is a real time game. where the users can act as a "Zombie controller" or be one of the last humans alive.
  • MIDI Jam/Phoenix, AZ, Spokane, WA, USA

    A service to attach MIDI instruments over the Internet.
  • Tandem/Tempe, Arizona

    Take co-authoring to the next level with Tandem. Virtually collaborate on your next masterpiece with authors around the world. Ready to get started?
  • NodeOS on Raspberry Pi/San Francisco

    We installed NodeOS on the Raspberry Pi
  • Video Funhouse/Kansas City, Columbia, MO

    Video Funhouse is a video converter that runs entirely in your browser. You can use videos from your hard drive or webcam, and convert them to a bunch of different formats, as well as apply filters to them.
  • startuplife.io/San Francisco

    Real-time simulation of starting a new company in San Francisco Bay area. Get advice from investors, meet other CEOs in the playground (mostly SoMa) and hire people.
  • CSS Negater/Charlotte, NC

    Waking up in cold sweats in the middle of the night because of theming forms that only have a space for CSS? The CSS Negater has your back. Completely overwrite all included-by-default CSS with an automatically-generated negation stylesheet to give you a clean slate to build from.
  • Mopic/Longview, TX

    Making time lapse videos easier.
  • Shape Creator/Madison, WI

    Create 3D shapes with the power of JavaScript! Share and 3D print your creations
  • NodeZaic/Columbia MO, Kansas City MO

    Nodezaic creates an image mosaic by using crowdsourced images. Every image that someone uploads, we add to our image repository, and use it in someone else's mosaic.
  • What The Elf Should I Get?/NYC

    What The Elf helps you find gifts for your friends.
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  • nodestatus/Lisbon, Portugal

    Run vmstat, iostat, <any>stat remotely and chart it on your browser.
  • Rebil me/San Miguel de Tucumán

    Rebil me is as simple form to paste your gists and let other users veview your gist and vote the best solutions!
  • Spatial + Time + Sentiment Analysis on Realtime Geo-located Tweets/Redlands, CA

    Spatial + Time + Sentiment Analysis on Realtime geo-located tweets. App lets you Filter the tweets by specific terms or shows everything by default.
  • Connectivity Check/Athens, Greece

    Check and share connectivity for the most popular web services
  • Tut/San Francisco, Mountain View

    Tut is a collaborative tutorial system that uses github as a host for community generated tutorials. It allows teachers and learners to connect online, and is based on scientifically proven principles in order to maximize learning.


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